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The one and only thing I'll write about #MemoriesPizza

by Jeremy Hooper

WHEREAS, Memories Pizza in Walkerton, IN, is known on a national level for one reason and one reason alone; and

WHEREAS, that one reason for national attention is its admission that it would deny a large order to a same-sex wedding if it were asked; and

WHEREAS, the Memories Pizza admission is a perfect example of the kind of slippery slope that can come in allowing public accommodations to turn away customers based on who they are, so long as they claim "religious freedom;" and

WHEREAS, the far-right and the anti-LGBT activists that populate it are currently on defensive against the idea that they are really masking anti-LGBT animus behind "religious freedom;" and

WHEREAS, far-right activists' choice to send the restaurant owners hundreds of thousands of dollars, far in excess of the annual income of most of the campaign's supporters, solely because of their one reason for national attention is basically an admission that they do, in fact, favor this kind of discrimination; and

WHEREAS, even if far-right activists raise ten billion dollars for these pizza shop owners' bank accounts, it won't change one thing—not one crossed "t" or dotted "i"—in public policy that protects LGBT people or legal framework that typically leads discriminatory business owners to lose these kinds of cases if they go to court; and

WHEREAS, the fruitless campaign does, however, do immense damage to the public image of the conservative movement and its apparent addiction to uncharitable behavior as it relates to the LGBT taxpayer; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, here on this hole-y run-up to this holy weekend, that this campaign, initiated by one Dana Loesch and supported by a relatively small but loud band of conservative-minded supporters all across the nation, is one of the oddest, most backwards, most foot-shooting of campaigns these folks could have dreamt up on behalf of their movement and the forward conversation pertaining to the issue or "religious freedom," as they want it, or religious freedom as the rest of us know and love it.

Jeremy S. Hooper
Witness to Many Anti-LGBT Far-Right Campaigns, But None as Flippin' Obtuse as This One

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