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US Catholic Bishops again using church resources to promote NOM's anti-gay political stunt

by Jeremy Hooper

There will come a day when US Catholics, who support marriage equality in majority numbers, will not have to suffer through leadership that insists on turning gay people's civil rights into a never-ending political controversy. But for now, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which is made up of all active and retired Bishops in the US, is still dedicating its time and resources to promoting pro-discrimination events that silly little D.C. special interests like the National Organization For Marriage choose to host in the nation's capital:

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 At 10.14.46 Pm

I love how convinced they are that a fifty-state marriage equality ruling "will not decide the issue." How's that, exactly? I know they maintain this weird fantasy that they'll chip away at marital rights, the way they've managed to limit the effects of Roe, but what does that even mean when it comes to marriage? Are they going to devise the equivalent of a trans-vaginal ultrasound that applies instead to ring fingers? Going to write "personhood" amendments that redefine marriage as a living thing? Or maybe a Todd-Akin-cum-lately will demand that if a same-sex wedding features at least one "legitimate straight," then the marriage will fail? I digress.

The USCCB is clearly determined to see this fight though to the bitter end, and they seem to have chosen NOM as the train on which to ride out the wreck. Fine. Whatever. I just hope the inevitable apology for this wasteful time in the church's leadership will match the bitterness that they so indefatigably injected into this political fight.

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