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Video: Media outlet that primarily backs anti-equality Republicans faults pro-equality Democrat for listening, learning, growing

by Jeremy Hooper

Considering Washington Examiner's conservative bent, it's clear they mean this to be a hit piece. What it really is instead? An example of an American who listened and learned and moved toward the right stance:

It's hilarious to me when people who still—and steadfastly—oppose marriage equality fault those who evolved on it. Yes, those of us who have long supported it wish our allies had always been with us. Obviously. But the reality is that very few Americans were fully with us a decade ago. This was a major conversation and the burden was really on us to make the credible case. Which we did.

Hillary Clinton came to the only right and acceptable position, all while supporting many compromises along the way (even in that 2002 interview with Matthews she supported civil unions, which was somewhat progressive for the time). If you want to fault her for the journey, then fine. But if you and the candidates you favor are still on the wrong side of history, even when the writing is on the wall and the water so favorable, your attempt is only going to expose your own lack of growth. Good luck with all that.

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