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Video: NOM #March4Marriage speaker defends conversion therapy; claims most gay people were abused

by Jeremy Hooper

Bishop Brandon B. Poster will speak at the National Organization For Marriage's so-called March For Marriage:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 At 1.18.50 Pm

This would be the same Bishop Porter who is behind that infamous "I'm not gay no more" viral video and who proudly supports "delivering" gay people from their "lifestyles" and "proclivities":

Oh, and also the same Bishop Porter who tweets out crude videos in which an evangelist equities homosexuality with bestiality and then cruelly condemns "sissies":

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 At 1.12.05 Pm


Fine, NOM. You all show those true views right when the spotlight is its brightest. I wouldn't expect anything other than political ineptitude from an organization that has turned it into an art form.

I only wish Bishop Porter (and his "I'm not gay no more" protege) were testifying before the court rather than simply speaking at the low wattage march!

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