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WHOA: FRC 'reediting' all those heinous fasting-for-marriage prayers I've been showing you!!

by Jeremy Hooper

For the past eight days, I have shown you the truly heinous ways that the Family Research Council, an organization that likes to deny it's an anti-gay animus group even though the more the talk the more they prove they are, has been praying against gay people, our rights, our families, and our allies. It all culminated in yesterday's, a wholly parenting-centric one which began with a prayer the strongly insinuated gay parents would be better being drowned in a sea than allowed to "offend" children.

Here are all eight, for those who missed any:

So why do I speak of it in the past tense? Well, because in what can only be see as an admission that what they were putting out was, in fact, as vicious as I said it was, the Family Research Council has abruptly scrubbed all of these prayers and replaced them with this message:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 At 6.16.39 Pm [FRC]

Of course there's no apology and/or responsibility, even though countless many have already read what they have been sending out to their supporters. Because there never is with FRC.

But that's okay. Damage done. I love it.


*NOTE: I have screen caps of all of their scrubbed posts, which I will be adding to each of my older posts (linked above)

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