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AFA: Gay rights = 'grave threat to our survival as a nation and as a moral and civilized people'

by Jeremy Hooper

Reflecting on the anti-LGBT organization's recent boycott against Pepsi, the American Family Association "explains" why it's perfectly okay for them to boycott certain companies. Naturally, it's because the acceptance of gay people is going to end us as a nation and a people:

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 At 8.26.31 Pm A few days ago, I received an e-mail from a Christian lady who believes boycotts are not a valid means of defending moral values. Specifically, she disagrees with the AFA boycott of PepsiCo, in part because she has relatives working for Pepsi, and she fears they might lose their jobs. She agrees that a homosexual lifestyle is wrong, but thinks a boycott hurts innocent people; thus we should never “judge” others.

She suggested that boycotting is judgmental self-righteousness; we call it judicious, i.e. wise stewardship. Still, she raised a concern that deserves an answer, and I was grateful for the honest spirit of her e-mail. We appreciate hearing from our constituents, and we do not take your thoughts lightly. You help keep us alert and accountable.

So I began to reflect on the countless times I’ve considered her position over my 25 years at AFA. In my response to her concern, I cited a number of principles that I believe stand the test of time, principles that AFA has been observing for decades.

First of all, it is never AFA’s objective that a company go out of business. Rather, we hope the company will change corporate policy to reflect the moral foundations of our culture. Whether we are boycotting a corporation that sells pornography, a network that disparages our Christian faith, or a company that celebrates and supports a life-threatening and aberrant lifestyle, it is our first hope that the corporate entity will right its course and uphold moral standards.

Second, we are persuaded that the radical homosexual agenda, as much as any other issue of our time, poses a grave threat to our survival as a nation and as a moral and civilized people. We are not judging other persons or their inherent value in God’s eyes. We are simply holding a biblical spotlight on poor corporate decisions that support an agenda bent on destroying the biblical foundation upon which our nation was built.

Third, how and where we Christians spend the financial resources God gives us is a matter of stewardship. That’s a no-brainer in my book. To pose a valid parallel, should I purchase my daily paper or news magazines at the adult bookstore because my cousin works there or because I don’t want the clerk to lose her job? Should I choose Pepsi over Coca-Cola because my brother is employed by Pepsi?

Fourth, a company’s employees may, indeed, suffer when the company takes a stand to support sexual perversion and immoral lifestyles. But that is the company’s responsibility, not the fault of consumers. One cannot rationally blame decent citizens who wish to stand against sexual perversion if they opt not to support a company that chooses that path.

Finally, any loss PepsiCo experiences will almost certainly result in a gain for other soft drink companies –where, of course, other people’s relatives are employed. In short, PepsiCo has made a choice to support perversion and immorality. Other companies choose differently. SOURCE: American Family Association

So basically it's just an accepted fact that we are going to destroy the planet through our terrible, no good, horrible love and our demonic orgasms. They closed that conversation long ago. The only debate in the AFA's mind is how to justify the collateral damage in their war to fulfill what they see as God's unceasing "smear the queer" match.

What an organization. An organization that many mainstream conservatives still include and court, I will remind you.

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