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GOP prez candidates lining up for NOM-sponsored event in Iowa

by Jeremy Hooper

At this point, the so-called Family Leadership Summit has one national sponsor: the National Organization For Marriage. And of course since the Gran Old Party can't break its (self-defeating) obsession with stopping gay people from getting married, no fewer than five of the party's announced and presumptive primary candidates have already signed up for the July 18 event, with more sure to come:

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 At 2.30.45 Pm [The Family Leader]

Interestingly, this will happen after the Supreme Court's decision, which is sure to change the conversation in seismic ways. With the American public already showing record-breaking support with every new poll, it's the height of ludicrousness for the Republican party to keep beating this defiant drum against all sense, demographic research, and wall-writing.

It's almost as if they're secret members of the "Ready For Hillary" crowd.

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