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The empty threats phase of the fight

by Jeremy Hooper

GOP White House hopeful Ben Carson says the president can just ignore a Supreme Court ruling. Two other 2016 candidates, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, have joined a truly extreme band of anti-LGBT activists on a pledge that vows to defy marriage equality.

Every day, another conservative comes out with some variation on the suggestion that fifty-state marriage equality will destroy the nation. Others insist a great civil war will come before that destruction. The general consensus on the other side is that God is going to be pissed and he's probably going to show it through some series of fireballs or plagues or something way worse than rain on a wedding day.

Then there are the vows to pass this law or that amendment for the purposes of rolling back marriage rights. Even though consistent polling shows a sizable majority in favor of marriage equality and Supreme Court action guaranteeing it in all fifty states, and even though the right couldn't pass these kinds of amendments back when we had only one marriage equality state and a Republican in the White Houses, groups like the National Organization For Marriage and GOP presidential candidates like Ted Cruz keep pretending that various pieces of equality-targeting legislation have a fighting chance.

It's seriously like listening to toddlers on the playground throw a temper tantrum that everyone knows is going to end in said toddler going home for a nap. The opposition is just ranting at this point. It's what I was talking about the other day. They are having all kinds of conversations that no longer feel like they are meant for the ears, not to mention the engagement, of someone like me. Some are talking to their dwindling supporters in hopes of ringing a little more cash out of them before the writing is so indelibly on the wall. Others are living in far-gone fantasies that really do have them as the victors in this marriage fight. Few, however, are still engaged in a way that seems fitting for reasonable political debate among adults.

Yes, as a full time parent who is also working on some side projects, I'm extremely busy these days. But sometimes, my silence here on G-A-Y, my robust commentary site of more than ten years, isn't because I'm too busy or exhausted to write. These days, I often find myself staring at this activist or that politician's anti-gay rant and asking myself, "So what?" I mean, if they want to play the role of Chicken Little on alternate hours, I fully support their right to do so. However, they don't get to force me to look up to the sky to see if it's falling simply because they demand that it is.

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