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Update on sham Regnerus study: Now with even more sham

by Jeremy Hooper

201505110806New analysis of the 2012 Regnerus "family structures" study, which was purposely designed to hurt same-sex marriage by supposedly undermining same-sex parenting, reveals that the work behind it was even shoddier than we all realized (and that's saying something). Dale Carpenter unpacks it at WaPo:

But a new critique of Regnerus’ work by Professors Simon Cheng (University of Connecticut) and Brian Powell (Indiana University), published in the same journal as his original study, Social Science Research (available free to most academics and for a $35.95 fee to the general public), suggests that Regnerus misclassified a significant number of children as being raised in same-sex households. Based on a re-evaluation of the data, it concludes there are minimal differences in outcome for children raised by same-sex parents and married opposite-sex parents.
FULL: A “reality check” for the Regnerus study on gay parenting [UPDATED] [Washington Post]

Some of the new information: One of the Regnerus study's respondents claimed that he "was 7-feet 8-inches tall, weighed 88 pounds, was married 8 times and had 8 children." Another "claims to have been arrested at age 1."

"What's the problem?" asks an anti-gay movement that will surely continue to wither on the hill of this sham study even as the spotlight grows harsher and harsher.

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