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Video: Marriage victory at SCOTUS will bring violence, says man whose rhetoric couldn't be more inciteful

by Jeremy Hooper

Bryan Fischer's rhetoric is that of an extremist. That is not news. Fischer is one of those whose voice is so over-the-top that it either no longer factors in the political discussion, or it unwittingly helps us when it manages to crack into the mainstream realm. He's also one of those who I largely now ignore, since he has so clearly already lost the debate.

But some things are worth mentioning. And when a man who has incited such nastiness teases to his American Family Radio audience that violence is a logical outcome of a SCOTUS fifty-state marriage ruling, that's something worth noting:

No word if Bryan thinks the violence will occur at the licensing offices, at the department store wedding registry counters, or during the wedding ceremonies themselves. Though it is clear that he has the same sense about his side's radical elements that we LGBT people have long feared.

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