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Video: Tony Perkins tells pastors they 'may have five years' before being 'dragged kicking and screaming from your church'

by Jeremy Hooper

Tony Perkins gets paid, and handily, to scare people into believing that LGBT people are terrible and that our rights are some sort of homegrown nuclear bomb. He drums up fear and people give FRC money. Fiscal goals are met, and Tony gets raises.

With so many losses on his watch, Tony is ramping it all up. Because he "loves people," y'all:


Tepid applause. Maybe the tide is changing even within that very room? I mean, surely some of them have to be realizing, after all of these years of Tony's dramatic predictions failing to come to fruition, that the emperor has no clothes. Right?

If not, they might want to start pushing back. If you think the Christian church has a faltering reputation now, just wait until pastors start following Tony's command to "resist unrighteous and unlawful government." The optics of that negligent and unAmerican crusade of Tony's own design will be what truly leads people "screaming from your church"—but it won't be because of anything gay people are doing.


*FYI: This is the same conference that Sen. Cruz addressed

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