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AFA calls on supporters to flog Wells Fargo 'even if you're not a customer'

by Jeremy Hooper

We all know that the pro-discrimination, pro-inequality, pro-divisive, wrong-side-of-history movement is all kinds of upset with banking giant Wells Fargo for daring to consider gay people valid customers worthy of support. But you'd think they'd at least be happy with simply having like-minded folks take their money to places that more closely fit their anti-reality agenda.

But no. The American Family Association, an organization that loves publicly shaming pro-fairness companies the way others love pizza or cake or orgasms, is encouraging even folks who have no consumer relationship with Well Fargo to contact them with messages about the companies promotion of "the cultural acceptance of homosexuality." Here's what that looks like:

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 At 10.11.48 PmScreen Shot 2015-06-10 At 10.11.31 Pm
FULL: Three reasons Christians should close their Wells Fargo accounts today [AFA]

So draw the line! Close your account! By all means, trust "God's plan" with your mortgage, Roth IRA, and bank counter lollipops.

But when you do that? Go away. Move on. Get a piggy bank and a hobby. It's one thing to leave a company once you think it no longer represents your interests. But just because you won't to leave the party early, it doesn't mean everyone else has to turn off the music and go to sleep. Some of us are still dancing to the drumbeat that is equality—and the night is young.

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