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And by opposition 'from all sides,' FRC means exclusively from the (R) side

by Jeremy Hooper

Rounding out today's stream of outrage and defiance following the historic Supreme Court decision, the Family Research Council pretended that there has been opposition "from all sides." Then FRC proceeded to help demonstrate just how partisan the pro-discrimination movement really is:

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 At 7.53.05 Pm
[Family Research Council]

Yes, FRC, we all know that Republicans are mad. That's because the GOP has allowed itself to be hijacked by anti-gay special interests like your organization and others, to the point where resistance to minority rights has become deeply and perhaps inextricably (not to mention sadly) engrained into the national party's DNA. These mainstream Republicans have no choice to voice outrage because they've stuck their necks out on this losing issue. Now they have no choice but to spin this clear repudiation into something other than what it is.

It took Democrats longer than some of us would've liked, but the party is not part of the "from all sides" chorus that is faulting today's historic victory for civil rights. It is an exclusively Republican affair. The Family Research Council helped build that once-convenient castle that is now drowning in its own moat.

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