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And in other debate news, NOM just declared Rick Perry the 2012 GOP primary winner

by Jeremy Hooper

Pro-equality rock stars Evan Wolfson and Kenji Yoshino recently debated National Organization For Marriage John Eastman and conservative activist Sherif Girgis. After that debate was held, 83% of the in-house audience sided with the pro-equality side, with only 14% going the other way. And in separate online voting, 75% sided with the pro-equality activists and only 25% sided with the pro-discrimination side:

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 At 9.15.18 Pm
FULL BREAKDOWN AND MORE INFO: Declared Winner: Against The Motion [intelligence Squared]

But leave it to NOM to look at this whopping consensus and thumb its nose at it. In a message attributed to president Brian Brown, NOM writes:

It was a spirited discussion, but Dr. Eastman and Mr. Girgis clearly dominated, presenting cogent and persuasive arguments that the constitution of our nation does not prohibit traditional marriage laws. Their opponents made emotional and political arguments, waxing poetic about why, in their view, gay 'marriage' is the right position for Americans to embrace.
FULL: Our Chairman Debates...and Delivers [NOM]

It knows no bounds, this organization's hubris! It's one thing to bemoan the fact that both the in-house and online audience overwhelmingly sided with arguments you see as "emotional and political" (or "vacuous," as NOM writes in a later paragraph). But to declare that the losing side "clearly dominated," even though an informed audience said the exact opposite? That's just a lie. No matter how much NOM might wish it to be so, it simply wasn't so. The debate was held in order to gauge opinion, and opinion was registered. The side that clearly dominated was the side that will soon put NOM out of business.

I swear NOM's next phase is just going to be them issuing press releases that read, "Nope," "Nuh-uh," and "No way José" every time something else pro-gay happens. Which sounds like a pointless endeavor for an organization that has already lost. But then again, it's really no worse or more time-wasting of an idea than 99% of the ideas that NOM has offered up for at least the past two or three cause-repudiating years.

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