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Careful about tripping over those straw men, Scott Lively

by Jeremy Hooper

There isn't one person in the activist community or on "the left" who is claiming hat churches should lose their tax exempt status if they refuse to host same-sex wedding ceremonies. Instead, virtually everyone on "the left" agrees that churches will be just as free to deny wedding ceremonies to same-sex couples as they currently are able to deny ceremonies to just about any variety of man/woman coupling that doesn't fit their moral purview.

But according to extreme activist Scott Lively, this is indeed the call of "the reprobate left":

There has been lots of talk lately from the reprobate left to the effect that churches should “lose their tax exempt status” if they refuse to “marry” homosexuals after the Supreme Court rules such unions to be constitutionally protected later this month (as many, including this writer, assume will occur).

However, neither King Obama, nor Congress, nor the United States Supreme Court, nor the UK, nor the EU, nor any human government, has the legal authority to strip the church of its rights and liberties.

In truth, it's far-right activists who are dropping this "going to lose tax exempt status" idea into whatever commentary piece they can place. Since the Supreme Court hearing, it's become a bit of a meme on their side. Now that most (including Lively) admit that SCOTUS is likely to go all-in with a fifty-state ruling, the anti-gay right is moving into the "THIS IS GOING TO HURT YOU!" phase of scaring the everyday Americans whose hard-earned money they'd still love to take.

Which is fine. Let them play their fear memes. My ability to care about their fever dreams is dwindling. However, I'll be damned if they're going to put their lies in ours mouths.

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