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Fox News pays this person for his opinions

by Jeremy Hooper

God's probably about to drown us all because of marriage equality. So suggests Fox News' own Todd Starnes:

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 At 11.53.27 Am
(h/t: Joe)

For starters, it doesn't even make any sense. The prideful White House came before D.C. precipitation. Since the rainbow of the bible was a sign of hope following the torment, if anything the Obama White House's pro-gay move would be symbolic of the hope that now follows decades of anti-gay demagoguery. If following the Noah's Ark tale logically, the rainbow is the promise of a better day, not a harbinger of things to come.

But details, schmetails. As long as you think gays are awful and are about to bring upon a natural disaster that will wipe out much of the planet, then Todd will have accomplished the stupefying task he set out to deliver to his presumptively hostile base. And Fox News pays him for it.

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