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FRC flat-out lies about Gen X and marriage equality; typical but no less egregious

by Jeremy Hooper

In today's edition of its "Washington Update," the extremely anti-gay Family Research Council tried to make it seem as if Generation X is aging up and out of support for marriage equality. FRC's writer (the byline belongs to Tony Perkins, but FRC now admits he doesn't write most or any of it) states the following:

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 At 8.39.01 Pm
[Family Research Council]

Nice try. I mean, at this point, the hope that people grow up and become more anti-gay is the only hope onto which a pro-discrimination group like FRC can hang its hat.

Only problem for FRC and its deep desire for some ray of light? Their framing is a complete and utter lie. And big time!

The Washington Post piece in question is simply about how much millennial support has shot up over the past decade. The very same data that WaPo used also shows that Gen X has risen considerably in this same time period, from 44% to 59%:

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 At 8.38.23 Pm
[Pew via WaPo]

Yes, Millennials have risen at a higher rate than any other generation, to no one's surprise (especially since this post-1980 framework allows for ten more years of younger, rollable millennials while all other groups stay statement). But Gen X didn't decline in support, as FRC claims. Instead, Gen X went from just bubbling under majority support to now holding a healthy 59% in support. They went up 15%! That fully and in every way contradicts FRC's narrative.

I mean, look, FRC, I'd be desperate too if I'd stuck my neck out in such a public, animus-driven, and history-book-memorable way in support of crude civil discrimination. But hey, let's at least try to write in a way where we can still see the ballpark of reality. To be clear, that's the same ballpark where a majority of Gen Xers are happily cheering on their little kids, whether or not those new millennium children happen to grow into adults who want to marry someone of the same-sex or the opposite-sex.

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