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FRC longs for days when gay people were 'drummed out' of armed forces

by Jeremy Hooper

FRC wants God to free our armed forces from gay soldiers. You know, just like he once freed others from the Nazis:

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 At 8.52.45 Pm Now our leaders are intentionally depleting American military power, converting an institution intended to defend our nation by fighting and winning wars into a massive social experiment. Prompted by the Obama Administration, they are mainstreaming LGBT behavior and thus subjecting our young warriors to an epidemic of homosexual assault – all for the sake of an immoral and blind ideology. Yet George Washington did not tolerate such behavior in the Continental Army, specifically drumming an officer out of military service “with Abhorrence and Detestation of such Infamous Crimes” (Washington’s Orders, March 10, 1778).
May God hear our cries on Sunday June 28th as millions unite on our knees in repentant prayer for America! Lord, you heard the cries of “3 millions of Americans” on their knees in 1775, delivered us from British tyranny and blessed our new nation. You heard the urgent cries of our British cousins in 1940 and rescued their sons, fathers and brothers from Dunkirk and the Nazis. Hear our urgent cries for America and preserve us from moral self-destruction.

Prayer Targets [FRC]

Psst, FRC—look around you. This "behavior" is pretty damn "mainstream" without outside help, military or civilian.

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