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Iowa couple who turned away same-sex weddings have become full-on anti-gay activists

by Jeremy Hooper

Dick and Betty Odgaard made headlines a few years back when they turned away a same-sex couple who inquired about marrying at their Grimes, Iowa, business, called Gortz Haus Gallery. For that, the couple was fined and ordered to stop performing weddings at their facilities.

So their next step? To launch an entire 501(c)(3) enterprise solely geared toward protesting same-sex marriage. They call it "God's Original Design," and it looks like this

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 At 12.39.07 PmScreen Shot 2015-06-04 At 12.39.24 Pm

Ah, yes. Putting words in God's mouth and then asking for money. It's been the the business model of "culture war" capitalists nationwide for decades now.

But I do kind of love that one of the "religious freedom" headline-grabbers of recent years is going this direction. I mean, we always know the true agenda behind these campaigns on which the far-right seizes. But if they want to help us prove the hostility, I'm certainly not going to stand in their way.

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