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NOM has a plan; and some snowballs plan to summer in hell, too

by Jeremy Hooper

We're in a really interesting phase of the "culture war" where all kinds of anti-LGBT groups and professionally discriminatory individuals are ratcheting up defiance. They all say things about what they're going to do next and how they'll never give up. They talk about the book or rally or campaign that they have up their sleeve. They throw anything they can at the wall in order to hide the obvious writing upon it.

Here's the National Organization For Marriage's version:

Nom-Email-Header-Retina-2015-06-04 FundraisingDear Marriage Supporter,

We have a plan.

As the US Supreme Court works on their opinion in the critical marriage case they are considering,
Obergefell v Hodges, I often hear from supporters asking whether we have a plan in the event the court rules against us, illegitimately deciding that defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman is somehow unconstitutional.

Let me assure you, we do have a plan. In fact, I just met this week with our senior team of staff and advisors to go over the plan, and we will be putting final touches on it over the next several days

We know just what needs to be done. It's an aggressive plan that we pray will never have to see the light of day. Why do I say that? Because will have to implement it only if, God forbid, the Supreme Court does the unthinkable and decides that the true nature of marriage as God created it and as it has existed in virtually every civilization since the dawn of time is no longer the law in America. It's bizarre to even think of that as a possibility, but we have a plan ready to go if they do.

While we will be ready to act immediately when the US Supreme Court issues their decision — no matter what it is — it does concern me greatly that we do not have the financial resources in hand to implement our plan. As you know, we expended everything we had on the March for Marriage several weeks ago when we brought 15,000 marriage supporters to our nation's capitol to show the Court and our national leaders that the American people continue to support marriage and they are demanding that their votes and their values be upheld.

I need to ask you a tough question: are you as ready as we are to fight for marriage once the Supreme Court issues their decision? If so, I am asking you to make a generous donation today so that I know we can count on you to be there for the great cause of marriage.

The Court's decision is expected at the end of this month. Fortunately, one of our best supporters has told us he will stand with us to defend marriage no matter the outcome. And he has agreed to match every donation we receive through the end of June, up to $200,000.

FULL: We Have A Plan [NOM]

A plan? Fine. Okay. Whatever. Anyone can make a plan for just about anything. It's an easily obtainable freedom.

What anti-gay groups like NOM don't realize is that just having the will to go on and/or the desire to keep collecting the easy paychecks isn't the same thing as having the capital, support base, or legal standing to do so. With fifty state marriage equality in a nation that has ever-growing majority support, NOM's battle going forward isn't merely uphill. Even if NOM were a successful organization (it's not) with many recent wins under its belt (it doesn't have them), a Supreme Court ruling for fifty-state equality would all but obliterate the path toward re-bottling the happily married genie who they'd so desperately like to re-contain. For the already greatly beleaguered NOM, saying "we have a plan" is about as effective and meaningful as saying "we have a voodoo doll" or "we have an idea for a fantasy novel."

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