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NOM officially floats general election liability in front of GOP primary candidates

by Jeremy Hooper

I've been telling you about the ineffective National Organization For Marriage's 2016 presidential marriage pledge and some of its ludicrous ideas. Here now the text, in full:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 At 2.42.46 Pm
[Marriage Pledge]

While the twelve already-announced GOP presidential candidates, as well as the several other presumed ones, are all quite anti-equality, I actually think this might be a bridge too far. I think the usual suspects (Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Bob GaysSuck, et. al) will sign on, I'm not so sure that a Jeb Bush or a Chris Christie or a Scott Walker will. Not because I think they're going to run as anything other than anti-LGBT; it's clear that they won't. But the idea that a fair Supreme Court ruling is "illegitimate" and in need of overturning is an extreme idea that I'm not so sure anyone with eyes on the general election will want to get behind. I mean, even the idea of a long-dead FMA is a ludicrous idea that no serious person should consider as part of a serious election. But the Supreme Court thing is just crazy talk.

And if the GOP's eventual primary victor does sign on to this, I think the Democratic candidate will have a talking point that could make Mitt's "47%" snafu seem like an electoral boon by comparison. Which would actually be par for NOM's course, considering they are an organization that has define itself by the unwitting help they've given us and the lasting hurt they've brought to their own side

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