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Pat Buchanan doubles down on 1983 column claiming AIDS is nature's punishment

by Jeremy Hooper

Conservative pundit and Fox News regular Pat Buchanan is very angry at the idea of same-sex couples pledging committed love to one another. To drive home his point, he's celebrating the three-decades expansion of a particular disease:

Three decades ago, this columnist was denounced for writing that homosexuals “have declared war on human nature. And nature is exacting an awful retribution.” Hateful speech, it was said.

Yet, when I wrote that line, AIDS victims in America numbered in the hundreds. Worldwide today they number in the millions. And there is a pandemic of STDs among America’s young who have joined the sexual revolution preached in the 1960s.

Can true “social progress” produce results like that?

“God will have the final word in this matter,” says [Alveda] King.

Certainly, in the world to come, He will. Yet, even in this world, it is hard to recall a civilization that rejected its God, repudiated the faith and morality by which it grew great, embraced what was previously regarded as decadence, and survived.

Of course even if Buchanan's truly disgusting concerns were sincere about this, a disease that initially spread within a minority population due, in large part, to a lack of concern and an abundance of ignorance on the part of pals of Buchanan's like Ronald Reagan, he'd be quite in favor of a system that is built around committed sexual couplings. But of course he's really just trying to portray gays as God's hated minority, so crass celebration of viral expanse is the order of the day. It's what passed as conservative punditry here decades ago, and it still does to this day.



*Here's the original column:

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