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Selling selves as above law, radical anti-gay activists place ad in 'Washington Post'

by Jeremy Hooper

The coalition behind this ad, led by fringe activist Rick Scarborough, claims that over 40,000 people have signed on to the call to flout a Supreme Court ruling in favor of fifty-state equality. Here's the ad they recently placed in WaPo:


Fortunately for them, their lives won't really be changed in any real way. And in fact, if they'd step away from the fallacious world of anti-gay activism, where non-events are turned into "CONTROVERSIES!!!," perfectly understandable points of compromise are morphed into acts of "culture war," and fundraising is dependent on a fake "victim" routine, they'd probably go through the rest of their lives never being bothered by a same-sex wedding.

What we have here, however, is a coalition of names who have defined their adult lives by this, a fight that they are destined to lose, and quite unfavorably so. They are addicted to the "persecution" meme. They are determined to make the rest of us believe their press releases. They are convinced that they can exalt themselves above civil law if they just keep screaming about it.

They're wrong. They flout civil law and they will face civil penalties. As all citizens do.


The Duggars are actually among the most well-known names to have signed on to this silly little pledge. Gee, I wonder why they didn't include them in this ad.

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