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Third generation Wildmon vows to keep American Family Association as anti-gay as ever

by Jeremy Hooper

Walker Wildmon, the young son of current American Family Association president Tim and grandson of founder Don, will never support gays or our pagan agenda:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 At 8.38.08 Pm Christians are under attack even from those who profess to follow the same God that is in the Bible. But you and I know that those who endorse sinful behavior are deceived and now working against the God they once proclaimed.

One thing you can count on is that the American Family Association will never endorse a behavior that God calls an “abomination” (Leviticus 18:22). Furthermore, I will never bow to any pagan agenda or godless demand. I am a man of the Cross, a follower of Jesus Christ and my allegiance is to God. We all need to make this commitment to follow God and His word because the enemy is out to deceive us just as it has this former Methodist minister.
FULL: Confusion of Gay Clergyman Obvious [AFA]

You have to feel bad for the young man in a way. Walker is like the son walking into the the steel factory long after the boomtown of his forefathers went away. He hears all about the good 'ol days of grandaddy bending the ear of network executives and daddy meeting with Republican party leaders with assurance that their efforts are perfectly in line with the Falwell-ian era. And yet when his time comes around, it's nothing but the tattered scraps of a cruel and discriminatory "culture war" that is a liability to the right and a demographic shift that will ship the AFA's anti-LGBT cash cow off to its final resting pastures sooner rather than later.

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