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Video: Watch ADF Litigation Counsel condemn nondiscrimination ordinances via odd rehearsed monologue

by Jeremy Hooper

Over the years, I've described certain bits of anti-LGBT activism as "performance art." This one, however, truly looks like a college student performing a dramatic monologue for her Stage Performance 101 class:

Nice projection, Ms. Holcomb, but I just didn't feel you were connecting with the material. Acting is all about immersion. If you really feel threatened by the man (didn't happen) that you claim (didn't happen) scared you at a restroom (didn't happen), then you need to really did deep into you emotional recall chamber and show me rather than tell me how outraged you were. Whether you are performing Shakespeare, Chekov, or Anti-LGBT Animus, it's always important for the young thespian (relax; I said thespian with a "th-") to do more than simply recite the script. We need to feel the resonant truth. It must ooze out of both text and subtext.

Maybe try something from Neil Simon?


*UPDATE: Two more scenes from the same play. These characters are called "Kristen" and "Ken":

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