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Video: While GOP rivals cling to '÷', Hillary makes winning case for '='

by Jeremy Hooper

When Andrew and I were finally able to marry under law, six years after already pledging our life commitment in every other way, the moment choked me up more than I expected. More than anyone expected, in fact. The videographer chose to place the microphone on my lapel rather than Andrew's in part because the common assumption was that Andrew was the more likely of us to burst into tears. When the theoretical became reality, however, I was the one sobbing like a baby. It's because the whole thing—the weight of marriage, the blessing of finding such solid love, the hard fight that was still so relatively nascent at the time, the ability to obtain what so many before us were denied—coalesced in a far more powerful way than I had anticipated. Every step, glance, and syllable of the ceremony came with a resonance that felt as if it was spanning back through the ages while also speeding ahead to the future. It was bigger than me, and I was overcome by it (in a glorious way).

That's what I love about this Clinton campaign video. It really captures that power:

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