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And now we start checking 'em all off the list (#LoveWins #MoreThanMarriage)

by Jeremy Hooper

While neither of these long-sought-after LGBT rights developments, both of which broke this afternoon, are specifically related to marriage, you can be sure that the Supreme Court's ruling is a major reason why we see things falling into place in other areas:

Boy Scouts Panel Adopts Resolution To Allow Gay Scout Leaders [NPR]

Pentagon To Lift Ban On Transgender Service Members [HRC]

This summer's game-changing ruling and unbelievable outpouring of support solidified our momentum, and it also freed up space for other focuses. It's part of that psychological shift I talked about prior to the ruling. The citizens of the United States now know, without a doubt, that LGBT rights are moving forward, are winners in the eyes of the law, and earn widespread embrace upon implementation.

In this summer of blockbusters, we've all seen the #LoveWins movie play out before us. Our sails have the wind; our banks have the capital. Overdue and unjust discrimination is on notice.

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