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NOM's new plan? To beat up its org-crushing loss until it becomes a win.

by Jeremy Hooper

Legislatively? Nope. The bad laws they passed were unconstitutional, and recent years have turned in our favor anyway.

Electorally? Nope. The last four states to vote for marriage went in favor equality, and all credible polling for a few years now shows majority support for marriage equality.

Judicially? Puh-leeze! In addition to two crushing Supreme Court blows in two years' time, scores of federal courts have sided with fairness over discrimination.

We all know NOM knows how to beg for money, which is basically the only thing the org. does these days. Constantly. And humorously. Several times in the same day, sometimes.

But begging for cash isn't enough to stay in the game. So NOM's new plan: To punch equality in the face, apparently:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 At 9.17.37 Pm

In the subsequent text, NOM proceeds to lay out its ridiculous "plan" for changing things toward their favor. Something about rubbing a lamp and hoping for a genie. Or something similarly plausible.

Those gloves though. Are you as scared as I am? I certainly hope you are. We could all use a nice peaceful sleep after the years of dehumanizing bullshit NOM has called a cause.

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