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Video: America cannot wait—to purchase American Family Association radio equipment? Huh?!

by Jeremy Hooper

I see Bryan Fischer's wife among this collection of southern-accented actors:

America Cannot Wait from American Family Studios on Vimeo.

Join our campaign today! Visit www.afa.net/americacannotwait.

Um, AFA, I'm pretty sure that your ability to make yourselves heard is a big reason why we—and even the Republican "we" among us, increasingly—are turning the page on the ugly "culture war" chapter that the family Wildmon imposed on this country. Hell, Bryan Fischer alone is better than the best pro-gay lobbyist the HRC could've ever hired!

But you keep doing you, AFA. Get yourself a nice mixer board. Maybe if you play the "silencing" card enough, you'll be able to take your staff out for ice cream, too.

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