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Jeb really wants to remind voters of his anti-'same status' plan for gay couples

by Jeremy Hooper

When a candidate releases a book in the middle of a primary, every chapter, word, and comma is carefully orchestrated. So you can be sure that Jeb Bush included this in his new ebook, Reply All, because he thinks it's a virtue worth touting:

Mr. Cortada, an artist, was alarmed that Mr. Bush’s brother, President George W. Bush, was proposing to amend the Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage – and was unsettled that the governor backed the idea.

“When one of us is denied equality, then all of us are denied liberty,” Mr. Cortada wrote to Mr. Bush. “Today, I am feeling particularly denied and particularly unequal.”
“I don’t believe that your relationship should be afforded the same status in the law as a man and a woman agreeing to marriage,” he wrote.

FULL: Jeb Bush’s Emails as Governor Show His Feelings on Same-Sex Marriage [NYT]

Out of all the email terminology available, it's fitting he called the book "Reply All." "Forward" would have been a big lie.

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