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Kim Davis: The almost too perfect coda to the marriage discrimination fight

by Jeremy Hooper

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 At 11.00.16 PmShe is portraying herself as a victim even though she is the one denying equal treatment, basic fairness, and dignity to a minority population.

She is arrogant, thumbing her nose at court orders that go all the way up to SCOTUS.

She is almost unbelievably hypocritical, having herself enjoyed four—count 'em—marriages herself.

She is relying fully on her personal faith with complete disregard for church/state separation

She is aligning herself with activist groups that put their agendas far above the facts and their fundraising far above their ability to serve her needs.

She is fighting a fight that everyone knows she will ultimately lose.

Kim Davis is the perfect story for these waning days of the marriage fight. This sideshow of a news item, playing out through an almost too good to be true subject, is like a mutant melding of all that the anti-equality movement has done wrong over the years. She, like discrimination itself, is quite hard for any logical person to defend. She, like the anti-gay movement itself has long done, is unwittingly helping America see just how nasty inequality looks when it plays out in the real world.

In the documentary, Kim Davis is the angry protester yelling at the stoic citizens who are just trying to move on with life. She is the antagonist who is unnecessarily hassling those who are ready to comply with fairly contested and enacted laws. She is the soldier who doesn't realize that she's already lost the fight. And she is perfectly cast. If she didn't step up on her own misguided accord, Hollywood would've wanted to invent her.

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