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Because I have thoughts about things

by Jeremy Hooper

So parenting is a lot. Like a whole lot. As in it’s impossible to compare to anything I’ve ever done prior in life. 

In the three years since I stepped away from daily updates on this site to spend the bulk of my time shaping a tiny human, I have pushed myself harder, worked myself longer, sacrificed sleep more readily, practiced patience more studiously, been humbled more frequently, and Doc McStuffins-ed more Doc McStuffins-ingly than I ever thought possible. And while individual moments have been trying, the journey has been a dream—far more than I ever knew to believe possible. My child is soaring; my soul follows suit.

But now we are turning a corner, of sorts. With age comes independence. With increased schooling comes more time for daddy. And for this daddy, more time means more ability to get back to myself as a writer. Not only is it something I want for myself, as a means to get these thoughts of my head and to sort them out the way that I have always found both meaningful and therapeutic, but something I also want for my kid. I want her to know this part of me.

I am going to get back to updating this site on a semi-regular basis. It will not be what it was before. G-A-Y from 2004–2015 will for now and forever be an archive of a very specific time in the LGBT rights movement. It is a time that feels logically encapsulated for me personally, but a time that I also believe to be neatly bookended in the grander sense. The journey from Massachusetts marriage equality to the Supreme Court’s Obergerfell decision is an epic one. G-A-Y’s coverage of this period is epochal. There are findings and developments and documentation from this period that are exclusive to this site, and the gritty archives will remain part of the canon indefinitely. 

While I have been doing similar work behind the scenes for the past two years (you’ve likely seen some things that have my brain-prints on them), I don’t feel like I could even do the daily coverage that I did for over a decade. Things have changed in oh so many ways both locally and globally.

But something else that was always part of the G-A-Y brand was taking a positive tone even with things seemed dire. My major motivation back in the early aughts was to help the movement rise above on high road even while our political opposition tried to drag us down in thicker and more limiting mud. It was the only way I knew.

It’s still the only way I know. Even more so now, in this era where behavior that was as unthinkable as it was inexcusable when I began this site are now daily occurrences. Ours is a time that needs a lot of help in oh so many ways. One way I believe I can help is to put some positivity out into the world.

I don’t know what the means exactly in terms of content. Will I still cover LGBT matters? Occasionally, sure. But also guns. And pizza. And the midterm elections. And the children’s books I’ve been working on. And that great TV show I happened to catch. And early education, for which I have found a real passion.

Over time, this might all shape up into a more crystallized vision. Maybe it will not, and this platform from 2018 onward will be hodgepodge of personal musings that serve the self more than a greater purpose. I don’t know. I do know that I want to get back to writing, and that this remains my home for daily commentary that exceeds social media character limits.

It feels good to be back. 

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