Audio: NOM's Joe Grabowski offers hilarious (but sad) take on the judicial system

We've always known that the other side hates the judiciary most of all because it is the place where their talking points and spin jobs meet actual scrutiny. But yesterday on Catholic Radio's Drew Mariani show, National Organization For Marriage staffer Joe Grabowski really showed his hand when he claimed that LGBT activists "use platforms like the judicial process" because courts are places where "there's just not as much opportunity for the varying sides of an issue to have their voices heard." Listen in:

(*first voice is host Drew Mariani)

Hysterical! Courts are of course the BEST PLACE for the varying sides to make their cases. That is what courts do. That is the role. In terms of stages of debate, the court room is Carnegie Hall.

But courts have a standard. A constitutional standard, namely, which is why NOM and allies loathe the judiciary. They can't just push something like the flawed Regnerus "research" into a court room and tell people it's true. In court, judges see a reason to speak up when something is "entirely unbelievable and not worthy of serious consideration." And judges typically believe in a higher standard than "because me and my personal faith don't care for gay people."

Years ago, the conservative movement began driving home the "activist judges" meme because they always knew that court rooms were their biggest enemies. They had to come up with some way to fight back, and actually making better arguments was obviously not going to happen, so they began attacking the forum and its players. They have now crafted a world where they diminish this third branch of government, so crucial to all that we are and all that we cherish, as essentially an annex of the Human Rights Campaign's office. This movement, which has always been as bad at self-reflection as it is at equality, can't admit to themselves that they lose because they are making losing cases. They have to instead pretend that judges, like everyone else who refuses to buy their spin, are out to get them.

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